Is 5’9″ tall for a woman ?

Is 5’9″ tall for a woman?

In my opinion, 5’9″ is absolutely perfect height for a woman. It isn’t too short and isn’t average, it’s slightly above average, but not too much.

For example, at being 6ft tall I feel sometimes gigantic and out of place, and way too different from other people.

But at 5’9″ a woman still can be above average and still can stand out, especially, if she decides to wear high heels shoes.


If I could choose any height, I’d probably pick 5’9″ for myself. Being 6ft tall makes you too unique, too different, it can be good, but sometimes not so much.

Being unique is almost like being a celebrity, some people will love it and embrace it, while others could be put off by it.

Do I enjoy being 6ft tall at all? I really do like how I look, but like every woman, sometimes we wish we would have something that we don’t have.

Like every woman, we often see a room for perfection. Most of the time I do enjoy how I look and very much so, especially when I am home alone. But when I am around people I don’t enjoy my looks as much only because it makes you so different, it’s hard to fit in and you have a tendency to blame it on looks.

I think many women are very self conscious and much more judgmental than men are about looks. Women can see imperfections in themselves and others so much easier. Living with a man for so many years, it’s amazing how little consideration he gives to how he looks. Men have other achievements to be proud of than just being “attractive”.

Being 5’9″ or taller

I really think 5’9″ is such perfect height. You still could be unique at this height and not be too worried if you are too tall.

The main reason why women prefer to be shorter is mostly because they like tall men. Also, tall women assume that short men, probably prefer a shorter woman, so that’s why.

I actually noticed that men don’t care about a woman’s height as much as woman does. I’m not too sure why it’s this way but it is. It’s much harder for a woman to accept much shorter man than it is for a man to accept much taller woman.

This is why being 5’9″ is so perfect because there would be more taller guys for a 5’9″ tall woman than for 6 ft tall woman.

If you are 5’9 and you are a woman, enjoy it very much. So many shorter and taller women would envy you.

But bedsides height, women are more worried about looking feminine or looking pretty or looking younger. If you look young, beautiful and feminine, then you will look great at any height. But the taller you are, the more features will stand out. If you are beautiful, you will look even more beautiful if you are taller.

As far as me, I’m just very unique. I can seem beautiful or not, depending on who looks at me. My beauty isn’t “standard” so to speak. I’m very unique and my uniqueness can either draw people to me or put them off.

Overall I’m alright with my height because I am not looking to impress people anymore. When I was younger and tried to impress others or find a husband it was a bigger worry for me than now. With age comes more peace for sure.