Being tall vs being fat for women

Does height matter to women ?

In our society today being tall is viewed as a good quality and being fat, no as good. Why? It’s all about looks and about being different. Extra weight isn’t always viewed very positive because of health complication a person could have. But looking as a very thin woman can be bad too, because of disease associated with it, such as anorexia or bulimia. People would worry that you don’t eat enough just by looking at you.

Any extremes aren’t good. Being tall, though, doesn’t depend on how much you eat or what you do, it’s something you can’t change and have to live with forever.

Don’t underestimate power of genetics. Many people look, tall, skinny, fat and etc because of genetics. I met so many people in my life who exercise more and eat better and they looked were bigger than me. Looks can be deceiving.

Many people will tell me don’t worry, if someone tells you, you are tall it’s a good thing. But do you think I like it when people point a finger at me and tell me I’m big? Or do you think I like it when children scream that I am a giant? Do you think I like when people walk pass me and whisper behind my back about my height?

No, I don’t like it.

Even if you think being tall is positive quality, I don’t like to be treated that way anyway.

I don’t know why I don’t like it, I just don’t. I get confused messages from people very often. When someone tells me I’m tall or big, I don’t always know if it’s positive or not, because it doesn’t really sound as a big compliment to me.

More about being tall vs being fat

For example, many people assume that being fat isn’t the most positive trait. I don’t personally think being fat is bad because every person is beautiful to me. But commenting on someone’s weight isn’t socially acceptable as commenting on being tall.

Being tall for a woman can be hard sometimes. We all know men are expected to be tall, so who wants to be associated in that way? A woman doesn’t always want to be taller or more masculine than a man. This is why it isn’t appropriate to comment on tall woman’s height.

I know, I’m probably only 1% of all women who are so tall, but does it give right to people point a finger at me and talk about my looks? My height is my looks.

If any of you got so many comments about your looks as I did it would make you very self conscious.

We need to protect tall women’s and especially young girls’ self esteem. If you want to talk about her being tall, tell her a compliment, tell her you love tall women and tell her it’s the most attractive thing on Earth to be tall.

Because if you just say “You are tall” or “Wow, you are so tall!” or “How tall are you?” it doesn’t sound good or positive, she will just feel different and weird because of so much attention to her physical characteristics.

Just because tall women are rare and look different it doesn’t give anyone right to point at as and talk about us.

Get used to that people are different, not everybody is the same.

Fat person and a tall person should be treated with respect and dignity.

Most people are more surprised and amazed about tall and fat people, but keep your amusement not so obvious. It really does make others more self-conscious.

More thoughts about height and weight

Whether a person is tall or short, thin or fat, shouldn’t be judged, or commented on in a negative way. If you want to say something, say what would benefit that person.

Tell a compliment any time, if you are amused don’t just say “you are tall” but say something positive about it. Most people don’t come up to someone and say “You are fat”, so tall people don’t want to be reminded all the time about their height either.

Just because tall people look different, they don’t want to be reminded about every single day or many times a day. We all want to fit in and when we hear how much we are different, it doesn’t make us feel any more accepted. Young women and girls are even more sensitive to this type of comments when they are growing up and learning about world.

For example, usually I don’t feel very tall, but I feel tall only when other people remind me about it.

Be sensitive about someone’s looks. Many women are a lot better in discussing height, but some men can be very inconsiderate and joke about it. Maybe men really think it’s funny or someone one taught them to joke and tease women in order to attract them.

It’s okay to joke sometimes about certain things, but avoid jokes about woman’s tall height or anything related to it.

Men joke a lot more with other men, that’s how they relate to each other and aren’t viewed as overly sensitive. So, men would try or attempt to relate to woman through rude jokes too as he does with guys. Women’s communication is different. Women relate to each other through indirect speech and a lot more sensitive and deep in their conversations.

Don’t be afraid to appear as a nice guy to a woman but be confident enough to talk to a woman in a nice way first. Some women love to be teased and love jokes, but test your woman first before you know if she really likes it. Women love nice men too who are confident in who they are without trying to impress her or joke with her about her looks.

You would be a lot safer to get woman’s attention through unique complement.


How to be confident as a tall girl

First of all, you have to realize that some people look more confident than others naturally. If confidence wasn’t your gift from nature, then you can work on it.

Also, you need to know that feeling confident and being perceived confident are two different qualities.

For example, I always felt confident about myself no matter what but people didn’t always perceived me as confident. It was a surprise to me when I finally realized it.

So, what do you want? Do you want to feel confident or do you want to be perceived confident or both? Most of us, we want it all.

Your looks

If you are a very thin woman, if you have a soft voice and look very young, it could be harder for you to be perceived as confident ordominant woman. Not all of us have dominant physical characteristics. I remember one interesting observation…I was watching a man talking to a teenage boy…and a boy felt uncomfortable and told him “Don’t yell at me! You are yelling at me!” where as a man was surprised and said he was talking in his normal voice.

So, this man realized he scared a boy, so he started whispering to him to communicate with him. Isn’t it interesting how some people appear confident and more dominant without even trying? If I could describe that man, he was very tall and had very loud and deep voice.

So, if you are a cute skinny young girl it could be a challenge for you in some way. I’m going to give you a few tips to make you look more confident.

More tips to look confident:

  • Wear make up and high heels. Women who wear a make up appear more confident to people than women without make up.
  • Dress best as you can, first impression matters and your looks and your dress are important too.
  • Wear high heels if you like, women in high heels appear more confident too. Even if you are very tall, high heels will make you look confident too.
  • Observe how you speak and how you move. Ask others for advice how you should talk or move in order to project confidence.
  • Associate and be around confident people. People will perceive you more confident too if you associate with confident people.
  • Experiment what works for you. What works for you, doesn’t always work for everybody else. Try to find out your personal strategy.Feeling ConfidentFeeling confident is a lot easier to feel confident than to be perceived confident. If you want to feel confident, all you have to do is to have positive self talk. Tell yourself you are the best looking woman and the most interesting person in the room. It will help you to project some confidence too. Feeling confident will make you feel better in the long run.If you can, try both, feel confident and look confident.

    Ask yourself why you want to look confident. Maybe people love you the way you are and they wouldn’t want you to change?

    Don’t over do it though. You have a chance to be perceived too confident and people would avoid you too. Not everyone one loves overly confident people. Maybe people love you the way you are and you they don’t want to see powerful woman in you yet. Being confident is a good thing, but if you are trying too hard, you could send a wrong message about who you are.

    We all choose at some point who we are and personal truth that we hold about ourselves. Believe the best about yourself and you will get in a right direction.

    Speak positively to yourself when you look in the mirror, when you are around people. Confident and not so confident person have different point of view in the same situation. Decide you want to be confident and brave woman. Don’t listen to those who are trying to convince you otherwise. Hold your personal belief unshakable and stable. Everything starts from just a belief.

    You can tell yourself that your height is great and it is part of who you are. If you can’t change it, embrace it. People can be attractive if they are tall or short, confident or less confident, it can all be attractive to someone.

    I want to help you to accept yourself and love yourself. You need to have a great relationship with yourself first. Being tall isn’t easy, as being short isn’t easy or if you have other issues that you have to deal with.

    How to get peace of mind about your height

    None of us can’t be liked by everybody. Even biggest celebrities aren’t liked or accepted by everyone. If you have less confidence because of that, remember nobody is perfect. Even the most beautiful men or women aren’t completely satisfied with their looks. So, if you don’t feel confident sometimes it’s o’kay too.

    I met some very confident people in my life, and I was so surprised when they shared their insecurities and their worries. I would never guess they don’t feel confident, because they looked confident and almost perfect.

    For example, many very beautiful girls are affraid to leave the house without make up because they think they look bad. I was very surprised when I heard this, because I thought those women were completely flawless and completely perfect.

    So, next time when you think you aren’t confident enough, remember that some people would think that you are great. Some people would even wish they would look like you or had some great qualities about you.

    How to look confident if you are treated badly

    Most of us have some idea how we want to be treated. If you are a tall girl and you think you don’t look confident enough because of your height, think about what made you to believe that. Maybe someone told you that you don’t look confident?

    For example, when a girl slouches, everybody thinks she does it because she is trying to hide her height…but when a short girl slouches nobody noticed or even cares about it.

    Another example, when a tall girl doesn’t wear high heels, some people think it’s because tall girl is not confident about her height, but if a short girl doesn’t wear high heels nobody really cares why she doesn’t wear them.

    When you are very tall, people could have such prejudices and could judge you unfairly. Is it fair? No it isn’t. Being tall is like being celebrity, you will get noticed more often, but it can be negative attention or judgment too.

    We don’t choose to be tall, we are born this way. Have a positive view on life. You will encounter sometimes negative judgmental people, but believe people are nice and even they say something “strange” sometimes, it’s because they don’t know any better. Beleive people are nice and they are good to you. Even if they said something that can make you upset or irritated, maybe they didn’t know it would upset you.

    For example, many tall women get tired of tall comments they always get, but maybe people who say them didn’t mean to upset you but were just impressed by your looks. Try to find positive in every situation and it will help you to be more confident.

    Tall girl or a young woman could be very confused about her own body image when she receives so much attention and comments. Be happy that you are different. Learn to love yourself first no matter what someone says. People judge others because of personal insecurities, so even if you were your “perfect self” someone would still try find faults if they want in anything. Brush off bad comments and remember the good ones. Focus on being grateful and happy about your looks and who you are.

I’m tall and awkward

Many people describe tall women as elegant and beautiful…but in reality we feel more tall and awkward than elegant and beautiful. Being very tall is very confusing. Did you hear expression “I’m so tall that I feel like a boy?” many teenagers feel this way growing up. Most of my life I was very tall and very thin. Most of the girls in my school were very well developed and looked “round-ish” and totally different than what I was. I don’t know why I am the way I am, maybe to help others who look different.

Being tall and lanky was a big part of my life. I’m still tall and I’m very thin.

I gained quit a bit of weight since when I was a teenager, but I still look thin and considered underweight for my extreme height. I just look tall and thin. Being tall and thin does make you feel awkward, especially when you are around short people.

I’m so tall that I feel like a boy

How many of you felt like a boy when you were growing up? Isn’t it a reason why girls wear make up, dress up sexy is to distinguish yourself from the opposite sex?

Sometimes I still have moments that I feel like a man. I had at least a couple times in my life when people thought I’m a man when they couldn’t see my face.

When you are a woman, you don’t really want to be referred as “sir” or something like that.

When you are my height, you are taller than most men and women. When you never see a woman taller than you, you could easily start associating with men and feel more as one of them. As I got older I got more realistic about the way I look and feel more feminine, but there are moments in my life when I feel big and more like a man than a lady.

People could say “wow, look at you, how come you can feel like that?” I don’t know. I guess it’s my confusing feelings about being so extremely tall.

I know most women have body image issues. Most women I met had problems with weight and staying thin. When you are a tall woman, you can weigh more because of your height.

I could gain 10-20 pounds easily and no one will even notice it. Even if I would gain 20 pounds I would still look thin to most people.

So, being tall does give you some advantages. If you feel tall and awkward thinks about positive sides of your height and learn to appreciate what you have.

If you are very short, then appreciate your short height too. I think I would love to be short because I would love to be around tall people all the time. So, every height has advantages. If you are very tall or short or any height, find something you like about your height or shape and enjoy your life, because “you” is the biggest part of your life.

Tall woman Fantasy

Did you know that some people have “tall woman fantasy”? I didn’t know this until recently.

It’s so exciting people have fantasies about tall women! Anything is related to fantasies is very interesting to me and most people.

If you didn’t have a tall woman fantasy before, you can try to have it now. It won’t hurt but will let you to have more interesting, fun and vivid imagination!

How to have a tall woman fantasy:

All you need is to relax, close your eyes and fantasize about tall women. You probably would need to be in a quiet place where you wouldn’t be disturbed. It can even remind a meditation to some people.

So, all you have to do is to imagine tall woman and enjoy your fantasy. Most fantasies people have is to feel better and because they are curious. It can be a fantasy about a very tall woman, or about tall and strong woman or about extremely tall woman or a giantess.

Why to have a “tall woman fantasy”?

Most people have a tall woman fantasy for fun. They like thinking about tall women. In your fantasy, you can go with a tall woman to a restaurant or circus or even more exotic and fun places that only you can create and imagine.

Your tall woman fantasy can be about anything you want and your tall woman in your fantasy can be just exactly the way you created her.

Isn’t it fun to explore your imagination and enjoy your experiences with tall women?

Especially for men who are extremely attracted to tall women and can’t find a tall woman in a real life. But a tall woman in your fantasy can be yours, you can own her and do anything you want with her.

Tall woman fantasy can give a boost to your imagination and some of your hidden feelings about women.

Sexuality and tall woman fantasy

Some men love to have sexual fantasies about tall women.

Many men love to have sexual thoughts about everything they want or see, so no wonder why some men prefer having sexual fantasies about tall women too.

Many men enjoying such sexual thoughts about women.

Make sure that your thoughts don’t lead to anything dangerous for anyone including you.

If you have a sexual thought or sexual fantasy about a tall woman, get in check with your beliefs and values.

Some people think it’s o’kay to have certain sexual thoughts but others think it is a sin.

Your heart should tell you what is true for you.

Do what you think is right for you and for others.

How tall is Michelle Obama ?

I think Michelle Obama is 5’11 or 180cm tall. Many of you maybe didn’t know she is so tall because she always stands next to Borak Obama wich makes her height not so noticeable. I am so glad a First Lady in this country is a very tall woman!

She wears heels often and she looks closer to her husband’s height. If you see her standing next to an average person you will notice how tall Michelle Obama really is! It’s so wonderful Borak chose such tall and beautiful woman as his wife.

How tall is Borak Obama?

Borak Obama is 6’1.5″ tall. He is one of the tallest presidents. He and his wife Michelle look great together. Michelle Obama is so tall but looks great and elegant. Having a tall president and first lady is very important especially for all young tall children how are very tall and awkward.

If you are very tall you can still have success in life and be perceived very beautiful and feminine. One of the reasons why so many tall women are looking for taller men is because they wants to feel feminine.

Being very tall feels like having a masculine trait and I even I felt sometimes this way even that I’m very thin. I had people in my life referred to me “Sir” when they couldn’t see my face well because they didn’t expect a woman to be so tall. I had children yell out to a mom “She is big!” which made me wonder how feminine people perceived me.

The taller the better

Personally, I’m so glad Borak Obama and Michelle Obama are very tall people.

They will influence so many young beautiful women around the world and show that being tall is beautiful and great quality to have.

If you feel awkward or “too big” because of your height, remember how beautiful are Borak and Michelle Obama.

Most men prefer to be even taller, but it is harder for very tall women and young girls.

See your height as a blessing. People will look at you more, will want your attention and people will be happy to be around you. Meet more people who love tall women and it will help you with self identity

Be positive, have positive thoughts about yourself and love who you are, it will get you through your moments of self doubt and will give you comfortable