Dating tips from a tall girl

First of all, you need to be clear with your desires, expectations and know what you want. You need to know if you want a short term relationship, a long term relationship, friendship or marriage. Most people want to find a soul mate, life time partner, but many people just want to stay single forever. You need to be honest with yourself and with your partner too. Never mislead anyone if you are not ready to commit but your partner wants a commitement.

Know what you want from your partner.

You need to know your expectations for her/his looks, lifestyle, activities and other good or bad habits. You also need to have realistic expectations. Many people never marry because they have so many expectations that no one person can fulfill it all. You need to decide what are your most important expectations.


I know many men want a beautiful and thin woman, but you need to be realistic and set realistic expectations. It’s o’kay to have desires but don’t live just in your fantasy land. You also need to know what you can offer to a beautiful woman.


If you don’t date or don’t go out, you will have less chances to meet your special someone. Try online dating first and see if you can find someone you like, it would be easy start.

Be polite

Women love men who are polite and show appreciation. Don’t be afraid to be a nice guy, not every one wants to be teased and challenged in that way. Many men get dating advice to tease women and challenge them but very often they come across as rude people who women try to avoid. You can try your rude jokes or tricks but if a woman doesn’t react well to them, you better quit and find a different approach before you lost her.

Be positive

Most people would tell you be confident, but I’ll tell you be positive. When someone tries to advice you to be confident you could get confused because most of us think we are confident. Only other peoples feedback gives us doubts about our confidence. So, you better try to be positive than trying to be confident, because trying to become a positive person is a more specific advice and what you can do about it.

Positive thoughts can make you more positive, but also exercise and loving relationships.

If you don’t have any loving relationships in your life, then focus on loving yourself and receive God’s love, it should improve your mood greatly.

Try to notice what good you have in your life too because so many people would love to have what you have, be appreciative.

Spend money

Be reasonable how much money you can spend during your dating.

Women love when you spend money on them, it shows them you are serious and generous. Women love men who have money and can afford to spend on them. If you are on a tight budget, there are many women who just want love and don’t care about your money or your success, maybe she even would want to support you! It would be a lot harder to find such a woman but it’s possible. I know a few cases where a woman is a breadwinner and a husband is a stay home husband.

Tell compliments

Most men always tell many complements, so you probably don’t have to worry about it and you know what to tell to a woman. Try to tell her a unique complement. Most men say “You are very beautiful!” it’s nice but your girl probably hears it every day many times a day. Come up with something unique that she didn’t hear from anyone yet. She will remember your words longer and you will stand out in her mind. Women love complements!