How to kiss a tall girl

Kissing can be the most intimate and awkward for both of you. If you wonder how to kiss a tall girl, what do you really worry about? Do you worry that you won’t be able to reach her because she is so tall or do you worry about finding appropriate moment to do it?

The first and most important rule is to try not to shock her with your hard attempts. The simplest and easiest test how she feels about you is to see if she wants to touch you or if she likes you touch her.


It would be a good start that will proceed to kissing as well. If she is enjoying you touching her and doesn’t run away in fear, then you could proceed to kissing.

If you are really worried whether you should kiss her or not, then simply ask her, it would ease a lot of your fears. Not many women are comfortable with kissing, especially if you haven’t been in a long term relationship.

Some women prefer to kiss someone they really trust or see future with. So, there is always possibility that she might not be as easy going as far as kissing as you are. So, be respectful, look for cues and if you aren’t sure then simply ask her.

Should you stand, sit or lay down for your kiss? Well, it’s up to you, but the most important is to find the most romantic moment. If this moment while you are standing, it’s fine, if this most romantic moment is while you are sitting or laying down then try it too.

It doesn’t matter the technique but it matters the moment and passion of you two.

Kissing as expression of love and care

You have to care about your girl a lot to kiss her. If your woman trusts you and wants you, she will enjoy kissing with you so much more.

Women do love to kiss, but very often they don’t particularly know what they want. So, sometimes you just have to take charge and if you want to kiss her, then pursue it. Kissing can be the most exciting and the most memorable moment for you two.

In my experience, honestly, usually I had no idea when a man wanted to kiss me. If she always gives you just cheek, you simply either have to be more aggressive or straightforward about your intentions. Just tell her you want to kiss her and if she wants it too, she will agree and she will let you kiss her.

It doesn’t really matter how you kiss and where you kiss, but it matters if you both care about each other. Eventually, you will both figure out the most comfortable style for both of you. All you have to do is just try and kiss more!

After your first kiss, you can kiss her often and enjoy. Practice and experience with each other. But always remember that many women prefer to be in trusted relationship first before they experience with such intimate activities.

Care for her, let her trust you, and you might have the most unforgettable kissing experience ever.

Is your girl tall than you are? If she is taller than you are, you are still able to kiss standing up, but it would take some effort on her part. Just let her know your intentions and if she likes you, she can figure out the most comfortable position for kissing.

Tall girls aren’t really that much different from any other women. Women are women, the only factor that matters is whether she actually likes you and how much. If she likes you a whole lot, then you will have a lot of luck with her not just in kissing, but love, relationship and so much more.

I wish you all happy, unforgettable and pleasurable kissing!