How short do you have to be to be a midget ?

Recently, I cam across a great website ChaCha you can type anything and get an answer. It says you have to be 4’10” or under to be considered a midget. Personally, I’m not sure how tall a midget should be and different people have different opinion about it.

Also, why do we have to call people “midgets”, why don’t we have just short people and tall people. If short people are midgets, then how would you call a tall person? There isn’t a such term as “giant” yet…about tall people. In America maybe some very short people would be considered a midget but in other countries like Mexico, China, Japan and etc, 4’10” maybe would be considered a normal height.


My mother in law is only 5’0″ tall, so she is not a midget but very close to it, I will ask her if there are any short people in the family too.

Tall people complain so often about the attention they get for being tall, but short people probably get as many comments if not even more…

More about short people

I will try to write about short people too, because we all have the same problem. Tall or short, we all get attention and comments about height. Being too tall and being too short is very similar in the concept of it and how society treats us.

Many short men admire tall women and love tall women too.

So, we have more similar than different about height and the way we feel.

I think midget are even more rare than tall people. I met some very tall people in my life but I can’t remember if I ever saw a midget. I saw midgets on tv, but in real life I didn’t meet them so often.

Being a midget it would be even more challenge in every day life than for a very tall person. It would be hard to reach to anything, would be hard to drive a car, shop in a supermarket and etc…

There are very interesting similarities and differences in being very short or very tall person.


Do tall women have big feet ?

Generally, the taller a woman, the bigger her feet usually are. But, not all tall women have big feet. I have met women who were similar to my height but who had much smaller feet than I have. I was very surprised about such observations because I thought women of the sameheight would always have the same feet size.

Two women of the same height will have different shoe size…

If a woman is taller than 6 ft, she is more likely to have big feet. What big seems to you can be different when perceived by a taller woman.

For example, my feet shoe size is 11 and I don’t think they are big at all. When someone finds out my shoe size they usually say “Wow! Your shoe size is 11! They don’t look so big!” By the reaction that I receive, seems like people think that womens’ shoe size 11 is big!

More about big feet. Tall women big feet

If you are a very short person, then you would think shoe size 11 is big. If you are a very tall woman or a man, then you would think shoe size 11 is actually small or average.

What do I think about my feet? I think my feet are just normal and perfect the way they are. I can’t imagine having any other feet than I have now. They are very long and have very long toes.

I can even move my long toes if I want to.

always have enough space for them.

Big feet fantasy

Some men are attracted to women’s feet. I never heard women to be attracted to man’s feet or anyone’s feet but many men find womens feet very attractive and even sexy. I don’t completely understand what feet have to do with being sexy, but many men associate feet, shoes, pantyhose with sexiness.

If you notice someone really admires your feet or looks at your shoes often, he probably has feet fetish. Some men even have requirements to find a woman with perfect feet. What is perfect feet is different for everyone.

I’m sure my feet look perfect to someone. My husband never looked or admired my feet though, he isn’t attracted to such kind of things. I’m sure it would be fun if he thought I have the cutest feet ever.

Having sexy feet maybe has something to do with wearing high heels. Many men love women in high heels. If you have shoes with open toes, it can be very attractive too.

Women love shoes and men love watching women in beautiful shoes too. There are many styles that would be great for each woman. If you are very tall, it would be harder to find shoes over size 12, so check out online websites that selling shoes and women’s clothes.

Shopping for shoes

I have to admit that it would be a lot easier to shop for shoes if I had smaller feet. Many stores don’t carry womens’ shoe size 11 at all. I have less choice of shoes to buy but it’s o’kay. I was always able to find nice shoes to wear, no matter how hard my search can be sometimes.

Also, I can’t find shoes on sale very often either. Tall women don’t have that much choice when we are shopping. If I was taller, finding shoes would be even harder, so I need to appreciate the fact that I can find shoes for my feet at all.

Do big feet smell more?

I don’t think any feet smell more than others. I never tried to smell mine, as long as you wash your feet regularly you will be alright.

Also, I have long fingers and toes, long legs, long arms, etc. So, yes, tall women should have bigger feet too. Everything about me is very long and my feet are too.

My feet and legs are so long that they are hanging out off my bed sometimes. Maybe some day I will get a very long bed, but for right now, my long feet don’t