Are short men unlucky in love ?

What every tall woman should know about herself

It always seems that short guys are either miserable in dating or completely alone and single. Is it really true that short guys are unlucky in love? In my opinion, if a man, whether he is short or tall is alone and single, then he is simply isn’t very needy.

For example, a man whether he is short or tall, would try really hard to pursue a woman if he had a real need. Most people embarrassed to feel needy, they prefer to say “they want a woman in his life” but a true and real need will help a man to get through all the hard work of meeting and pursuing women. And very often it just comes down to a power struggle between a man and a woman, but I’ll write about it more in some other post.


Very often, single men, simply aren’t as needy as they proclaim to be. It’s not a conscious decision for a man to be so needy or not, it’s just subconscious need that you can’t really control.

A man might desire to be in a relationship in his own fantasy, but in reality he simply doesn’t need a woman as much as he imagined that he did.

If a man had REAL need to be in a relationship, then he wouldn’t sleep or eat but keep looking for a woman to satisfy his need. Most men they think they “need” or “want” a woman, but it’s nothing comparing to the real need.

If a certain man needed love so badly, then he would not only think about it, but he would be doing something every day, even many times a day, attempting to make his dreams come true and get closer to a desired “relationship”.

Too many men simply give up too early. Some women approach finding a husband as important task as finding a job. They put a highest priority on it. But a lot of men, don’t take relationships as seriously as they could. Men think they have done enough, but in reality they could do so much more.

So, short men aren’t particularly unlucky in love, but they simply underestimate the effort that it takes to find a woman of his dreams. A lot of men treat jobs a lot more seriously than they approach a relationship.

Short men can be lucky in love

A lot of short men have been hurt too much, that’s why it’s painful to give more effort without any reassurance. Once you get burned a few times, it’s really hard to try some more.

If you are a short man and you feel like you given a lot but didn’t receive much back from women, you need to realize that it’s always good to try.

Don’t be afraid to try and experience love. But at the same time, you have to remember that maybe you are just not a needy guy and you don’t have to be in a relationship. It’s perfectly o’kay to be single and just to focus on your job or hobbies.

So many people put unrealistic expectations on a relationship, but in reality, it’s ok to be single and it’s ok to be in a relationship as well. Don’t be ashamed for being single, maybe you are just a very independent man.

Some women are actually put off by independent men, most women usually want to feel close and have you as a friend to do things with, but for a lot of men it’s a hard concept to grasp.

No, short men not unlucky in love, but a lot of them just aren’t as needy as they think they are or aren’t trying as hard as they should or they get attracted to a wrong person and expect too much from initially wrong woman, or they are simply too independent.


Tall women with short men

Tall women with short men

Yes, women like short men or tall men and all types of men. Most women prefer a man to be taller because of social expectations but when it comes down whether they like a man or not…his height won’t be the most important quality in her attraction to a man. Men give more importance to “certain look” than women do. I heard many men told me they would date only thin women or said they only get sexually attracted to thin women.

As far as women, I never heard a woman say she gets attracted only to tall men or only to muscular men. Women’s sexuality isn’t as visual, where as in men, visual attraction plays a lot bigger role. If you are a short men, you don’t have to worry about woman’s sexual attraction, it’s more in her mind than in her eyes.


Tall woman with short men is Sexy!

Yes, tall women with short men look very sexy, it’s so rare and very attractive. You can see many celebrities where a man is a lot shorter than a woman. Look at the pictures of tall men and women in this article “Why do tall women love little men?” It’s so beautiful to see a tall woman with a with a short man. Tall women turn peoples heads who eager to look at them and when a tall woman with much shorter man they turn heads even more.

Many rich and famous men dated very tall women and in our society tall is equal to beauty, model type looking, so no surprise why rich men and go for tall women too. If a man and a woman secure enough in who they are, it won’t matter how tall they are either.

Experience with short men in my life

In my article Dating as a Tall Girl you can read more about my dating experience.

I can tell you it was great to date short men also, girls can easily fall in love with a short man too.

I never felt uncomfortable dating short guys. I always dated many men at that time in my search for my soul mate. Those men put so much effort in getting my attention, asking me out, being so nice and affectionate maybe that’s why I never felt uncomfortable with them.

They made me feel loved, welcomed and appreciated that I was always happy around them.

Usually I think I prefer taller men but when I meet a short man who I really like I could easily forget about all my preferences and expectations.

Short Husband

Maybe you wonder if my husband is a tall man or not. My husband and I are about the same height but I don’t consider him to be tall at all. Mostly, because when we are around people, people usually tell me “Wow, you are so tall!” but they never tell it to my husband even that we are similar height! So, he isn’t tall at all, but it’s o’kay. Very often I look even taller than he is because of my shoes and because I’m a woman. You know, women aren’t expected to be my height… I always thought before I probably would marry a taller man, but I was wrong.

I found so many attractive qualities in him that it wasn’t even a question in my mind whether I want to be with him or not. I married him even that he is not the tallest men I dated. He has unique qualities that I can’t find in anyone. His wonderful character is more important than his lack of height. We have been married for many years already.

My sister is married to a man who is the same height as her as well (she is about 5’9 tall and her husband is similar height also). So, there are many women who want to marry a man that is not taller than her.

What kind of women do men like ?

Different types of women

It depends on a man. People who are coming to my website usually like and look for very tall women. Many men like thin women, other men love big, fat, or overweight or obese women. Some men love very tiny short women and other men love older women. As you can see there is a variety of women and men who love different types of women.

Beauty is in every woman. Every woman is desirable by someone no matter of her size, shape or hair color.

Why we like what we like


Each of us had different experiences in our lives. This is what makes us so unique. Even the happiest couples and happiest soul mates have something different about them and it is fine. If you had positive experiences with certain type of women who look big or tall then you will always be attracted to them or look for them.

Being judgmental

We do judge people even if we don’t realize we are doing it. We don’t always do it on purpose or to get something out of it. We do it because we have previous experiences and we are avoiding getting hurt and we want to find what we like. Everyone wants to be happy, so by unconscious judging we are looking for what will make us happy. We get attracted to certain people if we had positive experiences with someone similar to them.

Personality men love

Most men love soft, feminine women. Of course there are some men who love dominant and powerful women, but in my experience most men prefer a softer woman.

Woman’s personality and positive attitude is more important than anything else.

I only realized how much personality is important by comparing to my short friends.

I was always very tall, so one day, when I was younger, I was talking to my friend, telling her that she probably will have more dates and maybe will get married earlier because there are probably aren’t too many tall men for me to choose from.

After that we have grown and started dating, It turned out I was getting a lot more dates and got married earlier because of my personality.

Another important factor is positivity. I was always noticing positive sides in a man if I liked him and my girl friend was a lot more judgmental no matter who she would meet. If we want to be happy we need to love men. If we love them, they will feel it and love us back too.

How to tell if a woman is dominant

If you are looking for a dominant woman, notice her character traits. Dominant women like to be controlling, like to be in charge and like to be first in everything. The same characteristics as you would find in a dominant male. Dominance is similar in men and women, it’s a desire for power and desire to control someone. Most of us have dominant characteristics as a part of our nature but some people have them even more than others.

For a dominant woman it would be very important to have more power than her partner. There are many couples where a wife is a boss in the family if you know what I mean.


Dominance in sexuality

Sometimes dominance can be expressed in people only as sexuality. I don’t consider myself a very dominant woman, so I don’t know if any women really dream and want to dominate men. Maybe some women like it. For example, some men dream about being dominated by a dominant woman only sexually, they just have such fantasy for some reason. Maybe a man had a strange experience with dominant women in childhood or youth, so he carries that psychological effect through out all his life.

In our society men are more encouraged to be dominant than women, so for a man who would like to obey to a woman it can be a secret desire that he afraid to express openly. For such men can be even harder to find a dominant woman of his dreams. Some men like to think about giantesses because of a dominant fantasy and they like taller and physically strong women who can have more power over him.

Can you spot a dominant woman by her looks?

Not really. Looks have not much to do with whether she is dominant or not. But the way she speaks, walks, dresses and carries herself can give you some clues if she is a dominant type. Some women look dominant and masculine but they are soft inside. Some women may look very tall and strong but they don’t want to dominate anyone.

For example, I saw a very big dominant woman on tv, she had huge muscles and was stronger than most men are. Surprisingly, when someone asked her what kind of man she wants to have, she answered, she wanted even a stronger man than she is. At first I thought if she is so strong she would want a weaker man, but no, she was only attracted to even stronger men. I never met a woman who would be attracted to a weaker man yet.

If you have a fantasy to find a strong woman who can protect you and take care of