How recession effects tall women ?

You probably heard many stories how recession and bad economy effects people all over the world. It’s true, time is tough right now for many people. Good economy is so important to all of us. We want to have a good life and never have to worry about money, businesses and other things.

How do tall women feel about recession? Tall women have the same feelings as you do about recession. Tall women maybe even have stronger feelings and attitudes about it for various reasons. Tall woman is any woman above average height. In America average height is about 5’4″. If a woman is at least 5’8″ she could feel very tall comparing to others especially if she loves to wear heels often.


Shopping for tall women during bad economy

Shopping for tall women is expensive.

From my own experience it is really hard to find anything on sale that is long and can fit me. I really like to shop but shopping for a tall woman can be a very exhausting experience. It is very hard to find pants long enough and thin enough. Most pants in stores can’t fit me. This is why I have to buy expensive jeans and pants. During recessions tall women would want to save their money too as every body else does, but clothes isn’t cheap at any time for a tall woman.

Many stores like to offer sales during recession, but for a tall woman is hard to find any clothes at any time, recession or not. Finding shirts, coats and sweaters can be a challenge too for a tall woman. Tall women have very long arms that would be hard to find clothes for.

Saving tips for tall women

Here are some tips for you if you are a tall woman:

1)Try to shop less

2)Work more or try to get another job

3)Look for sale items. Never say never, sometimes it’s possible to find something on sale even for a very tall woman.

4)Drive used or cheaper car

5)Don’t refuse to get spoiled. Men love to spoil women. If your boyfriend or husband wants to spoil you can let him.

Finding job in recession

It can be hard for a tall woman to find a job too. Many employers are very picky what kind of worker they want to have. If you are a tall woman you will have to follow general advice for all women in finding work. Good communication skills is a must. Great personality is good too and of course it’s better to be smart. All tall women I met in my life were very ambitious and very smart. And of course, keep try until you find a job or get other better ideas how to make money during recession.

Faith during recession

Believe in your strength and have faith in a good future, believe in God. It will help you to overcome any hard times. People can really get used to anything. Look at so many stories about how rich people lost everything and then got back on their feet. Life is beautiful no matter what. It’s all in our mind how we perceive our situation. Find positive in every situation you have. If you need money in your life, it can be a positive thing too, but how?

For example, if you need money it can motivate you to do certain thins and experiment that you wouldn’t have to do if you had lots of money. What is a lot of money is different for each of us. And you can find a lot of positives in any situation. If times are really hard for you it can be a valuable personal growth time that you wouldn’t have experienced in any other situation.

So, be happy and stay positive no matter what!


How to be confident as a tall girl

First of all, you have to realize that some people look more confident than others naturally. If confidence wasn’t your gift from nature, then you can work on it.

Also, you need to know that feeling confident and being perceived confident are two different qualities.

For example, I always felt confident about myself no matter what but people didn’t always perceived me as confident. It was a surprise to me when I finally realized it.

So, what do you want? Do you want to feel confident or do you want to be perceived confident or both? Most of us, we want it all.

Your looks

If you are a very thin woman, if you have a soft voice and look very young, it could be harder for you to be perceived as confident ordominant woman. Not all of us have dominant physical characteristics. I remember one interesting observation…I was watching a man talking to a teenage boy…and a boy felt uncomfortable and told him “Don’t yell at me! You are yelling at me!” where as a man was surprised and said he was talking in his normal voice.

So, this man realized he scared a boy, so he started whispering to him to communicate with him. Isn’t it interesting how some people appear confident and more dominant without even trying? If I could describe that man, he was very tall and had very loud and deep voice.

So, if you are a cute skinny young girl it could be a challenge for you in some way. I’m going to give you a few tips to make you look more confident.

More tips to look confident:

  • Wear make up and high heels. Women who wear a make up appear more confident to people than women without make up.
  • Dress best as you can, first impression matters and your looks and your dress are important too.
  • Wear high heels if you like, women in high heels appear more confident too. Even if you are very tall, high heels will make you look confident too.
  • Observe how you speak and how you move. Ask others for advice how you should talk or move in order to project confidence.
  • Associate and be around confident people. People will perceive you more confident too if you associate with confident people.
  • Experiment what works for you. What works for you, doesn’t always work for everybody else. Try to find out your personal strategy.Feeling ConfidentFeeling confident is a lot easier to feel confident than to be perceived confident. If you want to feel confident, all you have to do is to have positive self talk. Tell yourself you are the best looking woman and the most interesting person in the room. It will help you to project some confidence too. Feeling confident will make you feel better in the long run.If you can, try both, feel confident and look confident.

    Ask yourself why you want to look confident. Maybe people love you the way you are and they wouldn’t want you to change?

    Don’t over do it though. You have a chance to be perceived too confident and people would avoid you too. Not everyone one loves overly confident people. Maybe people love you the way you are and you they don’t want to see powerful woman in you yet. Being confident is a good thing, but if you are trying too hard, you could send a wrong message about who you are.

    We all choose at some point who we are and personal truth that we hold about ourselves. Believe the best about yourself and you will get in a right direction.

    Speak positively to yourself when you look in the mirror, when you are around people. Confident and not so confident person have different point of view in the same situation. Decide you want to be confident and brave woman. Don’t listen to those who are trying to convince you otherwise. Hold your personal belief unshakable and stable. Everything starts from just a belief.

    You can tell yourself that your height is great and it is part of who you are. If you can’t change it, embrace it. People can be attractive if they are tall or short, confident or less confident, it can all be attractive to someone.

    I want to help you to accept yourself and love yourself. You need to have a great relationship with yourself first. Being tall isn’t easy, as being short isn’t easy or if you have other issues that you have to deal with.

    How to get peace of mind about your height

    None of us can’t be liked by everybody. Even biggest celebrities aren’t liked or accepted by everyone. If you have less confidence because of that, remember nobody is perfect. Even the most beautiful men or women aren’t completely satisfied with their looks. So, if you don’t feel confident sometimes it’s o’kay too.

    I met some very confident people in my life, and I was so surprised when they shared their insecurities and their worries. I would never guess they don’t feel confident, because they looked confident and almost perfect.

    For example, many very beautiful girls are affraid to leave the house without make up because they think they look bad. I was very surprised when I heard this, because I thought those women were completely flawless and completely perfect.

    So, next time when you think you aren’t confident enough, remember that some people would think that you are great. Some people would even wish they would look like you or had some great qualities about you.

    How to look confident if you are treated badly

    Most of us have some idea how we want to be treated. If you are a tall girl and you think you don’t look confident enough because of your height, think about what made you to believe that. Maybe someone told you that you don’t look confident?

    For example, when a girl slouches, everybody thinks she does it because she is trying to hide her height…but when a short girl slouches nobody noticed or even cares about it.

    Another example, when a tall girl doesn’t wear high heels, some people think it’s because tall girl is not confident about her height, but if a short girl doesn’t wear high heels nobody really cares why she doesn’t wear them.

    When you are very tall, people could have such prejudices and could judge you unfairly. Is it fair? No it isn’t. Being tall is like being celebrity, you will get noticed more often, but it can be negative attention or judgment too.

    We don’t choose to be tall, we are born this way. Have a positive view on life. You will encounter sometimes negative judgmental people, but believe people are nice and even they say something “strange” sometimes, it’s because they don’t know any better. Beleive people are nice and they are good to you. Even if they said something that can make you upset or irritated, maybe they didn’t know it would upset you.

    For example, many tall women get tired of tall comments they always get, but maybe people who say them didn’t mean to upset you but were just impressed by your looks. Try to find positive in every situation and it will help you to be more confident.

    Tall girl or a young woman could be very confused about her own body image when she receives so much attention and comments. Be happy that you are different. Learn to love yourself first no matter what someone says. People judge others because of personal insecurities, so even if you were your “perfect self” someone would still try find faults if they want in anything. Brush off bad comments and remember the good ones. Focus on being grateful and happy about your looks and who you are.