Why tall women like Short men

Did you meet tall women who only prefer short men? Height prefference can be such a unique preference that some tall women are looking for. Not all tall women want short men but many do. Did you meet someone who would tell you they like only the certain way or have a certain type of hair color or eye color? If a tall woman had more positive experiences in her life with a shorter men than she will prefer shorter men. If a tall woman was hurt by tall guy then she is more likely to avoid anyone who look like him.


Women have values

Different women have different values. Some women want only good looking guys, other women want only rich guys, and other women want only short guys. You never know what is her values until you talk to her, spend time with her and learn more about her. Many women have a very specific set of qualities they are looking for. Maybe she can find all her unique qualities in a short guy. If a short men can meet most of her important needs then of course she will choose him.

I noticed more and more women marry shorter men. Not every woman is as tall as I am, but even average height girls are often marry a shorter man. I think it is very beautiful to see a man with a taller woman.

Look at Tom Cruz and Katie Holmes, they are a cute couple, she is taller than he is especially when she is on heels.

If I wear heels then my husband is shorter than me too and we both still look good together.

For some women height is a very important quality in a man and they are specifically looking for only tall men. So, it depends on a woman.

Advice to short men

If you love tall women and you meet a very tall woman, don’t just assume she is looking for tall men. Give her a chance. You don’t know her yet, so maybe she loves shorter guys.

Or maybe her most important qualities in a man isn’t height at all. Take your time and get to know her, you might be pleasantly surprised and you could have a great relationship together!