How to tell if a woman is dominant

If you are looking for a dominant woman, notice her character traits. Dominant women like to be controlling, like to be in charge and like to be first in everything. The same characteristics as you would find in a dominant male. Dominance is similar in men and women, it’s a desire for power and desire to control someone. Most of us have dominant characteristics as a part of our nature but some people have them even more than others.

For a dominant woman it would be very important to have more power than her partner. There are many couples where a wife is a boss in the family if you know what I mean.


Dominance in sexuality

Sometimes dominance can be expressed in people only as sexuality. I don’t consider myself a very dominant woman, so I don’t know if any women really dream and want to dominate men. Maybe some women like it. For example, some men dream about being dominated by a dominant woman only sexually, they just have such fantasy for some reason. Maybe a man had a strange experience with dominant women in childhood or youth, so he carries that psychological effect through out all his life.

In our society men are more encouraged to be dominant than women, so for a man who would like to obey to a woman it can be a secret desire that he afraid to express openly. For such men can be even harder to find a dominant woman of his dreams. Some men like to think about giantesses because of a dominant fantasy and they like taller and physically strong women who can have more power over him.

Can you spot a dominant woman by her looks?

Not really. Looks have not much to do with whether she is dominant or not. But the way she speaks, walks, dresses and carries herself can give you some clues if she is a dominant type. Some women look dominant and masculine but they are soft inside. Some women may look very tall and strong but they don’t want to dominate anyone.

For example, I saw a very big dominant woman on tv, she had huge muscles and was stronger than most men are. Surprisingly, when someone asked her what kind of man she wants to have, she answered, she wanted even a stronger man than she is. At first I thought if she is so strong she would want a weaker man, but no, she was only attracted to even stronger men. I never met a woman who would be attracted to a weaker man yet.

If you have a fantasy to find a strong woman who can protect you and take care of