Is 5’9″ tall for a woman ?

Is 5’9″ tall for a woman?

In my opinion, 5’9″ is absolutely perfect height for a woman. It isn’t too short and isn’t average, it’s slightly above average, but not too much.

For example, at being 6ft tall I feel sometimes gigantic and out of place, and way too different from other people.

But at 5’9″ a woman still can be above average and still can stand out, especially, if she decides to wear high heels shoes.


If I could choose any height, I’d probably pick 5’9″ for myself. Being 6ft tall makes you too unique, too different, it can be good, but sometimes not so much.

Being unique is almost like being a celebrity, some people will love it and embrace it, while others could be put off by it.

Do I enjoy being 6ft tall at all? I really do like how I look, but like every woman, sometimes we wish we would have something that we don’t have.

Like every woman, we often see a room for perfection. Most of the time I do enjoy how I look and very much so, especially when I am home alone. But when I am around people I don’t enjoy my looks as much only because it makes you so different, it’s hard to fit in and you have a tendency to blame it on looks.

I think many women are very self conscious and much more judgmental than men are about looks. Women can see imperfections in themselves and others so much easier. Living with a man for so many years, it’s amazing how little consideration he gives to how he looks. Men have other achievements to be proud of than just being “attractive”.

Being 5’9″ or taller

I really think 5’9″ is such perfect height. You still could be unique at this height and not be too worried if you are too tall.

The main reason why women prefer to be shorter is mostly because they like tall men. Also, tall women assume that short men, probably prefer a shorter woman, so that’s why.

I actually noticed that men don’t care about a woman’s height as much as woman does. I’m not too sure why it’s this way but it is. It’s much harder for a woman to accept much shorter man than it is for a man to accept much taller woman.

This is why being 5’9″ is so perfect because there would be more taller guys for a 5’9″ tall woman than for 6 ft tall woman.

If you are 5’9 and you are a woman, enjoy it very much. So many shorter and taller women would envy you.

But bedsides height, women are more worried about looking feminine or looking pretty or looking younger. If you look young, beautiful and feminine, then you will look great at any height. But the taller you are, the more features will stand out. If you are beautiful, you will look even more beautiful if you are taller.

As far as me, I’m just very unique. I can seem beautiful or not, depending on who looks at me. My beauty isn’t “standard” so to speak. I’m very unique and my uniqueness can either draw people to me or put them off.

Overall I’m alright with my height because I am not looking to impress people anymore. When I was younger and tried to impress others or find a husband it was a bigger worry for me than now. With age comes more peace for sure.


What should woman wear if she is tall ?

What should a tall woman wear is a tough question for any tall woman. You need to decide if you want to look good for men or women. Also, take into consideration if you want emphasize your tall height or try to hide it or if it doesn’t matter to you as long as you feel comfortable in certain look.


What to wear to attract men

As a tall woman you maybe want to attract men. Men love sexy clothes on women. Don’t over do it though. The general rule is you have a short dress you should be covered on top and if your dress is open at top it should longer at the bottom. Men love sexy clothes on you that make your feel comfortable, confident and sexy.

One or two colors is best. Don’t over do many colors. Dark colors can make you look thinner and white or light colors can make you appear younger.

Choose clothing that is good for the touch, men love touch women. You want to make him think about enjoying touching you even if he doesn’t touch you.

Wear skirts. Yes, tall women look good in skirts. You can wear very short skirts if you are younger or you can wear longer skirts if you are older. Men love skirts on women because not many women wear them very often and because it gives them something to think and fantasize if they wish.


Men love to see long legs especially legs of a tall woman. Wearing skirts and short shorts would be great to show your beautiful long legs.

If you want to look taller or sexy you can definitely wear heels. Many men love high heels on a woman. It’s a fantasy of many men to see women in high heels. Other men love to see woman’s toes and high heels shoes with open toes can be great to attract such men.

Whatever you decide to wear, it’s more important how you wear it. Use your body language to emphasize the great body and great clothes that you have. Men are much more attracted to personality and flirtatious body language than just clothes. Smile and be friendly. Men love to see a woman who smiles and likes them.

What to wear to attract women

I don’t mean to attract women in a sexual way, but in a way to look good to them.

If you want to look good for women, start dressing as one of them. You want to look like one of them start dressing as they do and you will fit in. If you don’t dress for anyone, men or women, then enjoy your own personal dressing style style.

If you dress for women in could be even more interesting because so many interesting fashions. Most men don’t care about fashion as long as woman looks sexy and desirable, but dressing for women you explore with different fashions and styles.

How tall is too tall for a woman ?

How tall is too tall for a woman it depends on who you ask. If you ask me, I would say the taller the better. If I see a tall woman, anyone who is taller 6’0″ is considered tall or even very tall.


If you are shorter person then someone who is 5’9″ will be too tall in your opinion.

So, as you can see too tall for a woman would be different for every person. I a man is 5 ft tall, and if he prefers short women, than someone who is 6′ or 6’5″ would be too tall for him. But if a man loves tall women then there wouldn’t be a limit on how tall is too tall for a woman.

Too tall for a woman

If you feel as you are too tall for a woman, you need to know that many tall women feel that. You are not alone if you worry about it. Embrace your height and someone will notice and love you and your height.

Sometimes very short people think that I’m 7ft tall because they can’t estimate well and because I look very tall for a woman. It does surprise me to hear that people think I’m taller than I am but I understand where they are coming from.

If someone thought you are much taller than you are, it doesn’t mean that you too tall for a woman, it’s just that a short person wasn’t around tall people often and isn’t as accurate in estimation as you hoped him to be.

We all have something to worry about…height, looks and more

If you worry you are too tall, you need to remember that every person worries about something. Many people, especially women worry if they look thin or fat or beautiful. I met some women in my life who couldn’t go out without make up because they worried how they look without make up and afraid to be seen like that.

If you are a tall woman, you will get attention from people that will make you feel too tall or uncomfortable because of their questions. Remember that they don’t mean to offend you if they think you are taller.


Be proud to be tall and never think that you too tall. Women have right to be tall and there shouldn’t height restrictions for any person.

How tall is too tall to wear heels ?

There is no specific limit how tall is too tall for a woman to wear heels. Each woman can decide what she prefers. Some very tall women who are 6ft are comfortable wearing heels, but also very short women are happy in flats too. Just because you are tall it doesn’t mean that you should or shouldn’t wear heels.

Many people judge tall women harshly whether she is wearing or not wearing heels.


For example, when a tall woman wears flats, some people would think she wears flats because she is not confident with her height, but when a short woman wears flats, people think she wears flats because she likes them.

So, if you are tall you are better off to wear heels, but if you don’t care what anyone thinks then you can wear flats too.

There are so much information on the internet why tall women should wear heels. I think tall women shouldn’t anything, but do what they want. You can wear heels if you like shoes and you love heels and you also can wear flats if you love them. Just because people say tall women should wear heels isn’t a requirement but a suggestion and encouragement.

Decide for yourself

Just because someone says you should or shouldn’t wear heels, don’t make them influence you. You know yourself better. If you want to wear your high heels, then wear them. If you want to wear flats or tennis shoes you can wear them too. Find what you are comfortable with, because at the end of the day people will remember your great personality but particularly what you were wearing.

If you decided to wear heels, then be confident with your decision. No matter what you will wear, some people would always find to criticize something or talk about, so don’t get influenced by others.

If you decided wear flats, be confident with your decision too no matter what others think. People can think anything they want but it’s only up to you how you decide to live your life.

Tall women don’t have to wear heels as much as short women don’t have to wear heels. Be happy, be comfortable with what you do.

I was wearing high heels when I was younger, I dressed sexier back then too. As I got older, the looks aren’t that important especially after you get married and settle down. I personally, don’t mind if someone wants to wear heels everyday, I just don’t wear heels as much anymore. I feel beautiful and comfortable in any kind of shoes and I hope all women will feel beautiful no matter what she decides to wear.

Your decision also could depend on your circle of friends, if they wear high heels often, you are more likely to wear them too. The current fashion style would influence you too, if it’s popular to wear heels of flats now. So, you have a lot to consider for yourself. But remember just because you are tall, there are no rules whether you should or shouldn’t wear heels.

Do tall women have big feet ?

Generally, the taller a woman, the bigger her feet usually are. But, not all tall women have big feet. I have met women who were similar to my height but who had much smaller feet than I have. I was very surprised about such observations because I thought women of the sameheight would always have the same feet size.

Two women of the same height will have different shoe size…

If a woman is taller than 6 ft, she is more likely to have big feet. What big seems to you can be different when perceived by a taller woman.

For example, my feet shoe size is 11 and I don’t think they are big at all. When someone finds out my shoe size they usually say “Wow! Your shoe size is 11! They don’t look so big!” By the reaction that I receive, seems like people think that womens’ shoe size 11 is big!

More about big feet. Tall women big feet

If you are a very short person, then you would think shoe size 11 is big. If you are a very tall woman or a man, then you would think shoe size 11 is actually small or average.

What do I think about my feet? I think my feet are just normal and perfect the way they are. I can’t imagine having any other feet than I have now. They are very long and have very long toes.

I can even move my long toes if I want to.

always have enough space for them.

Big feet fantasy

Some men are attracted to women’s feet. I never heard women to be attracted to man’s feet or anyone’s feet but many men find womens feet very attractive and even sexy. I don’t completely understand what feet have to do with being sexy, but many men associate feet, shoes, pantyhose with sexiness.

If you notice someone really admires your feet or looks at your shoes often, he probably has feet fetish. Some men even have requirements to find a woman with perfect feet. What is perfect feet is different for everyone.

I’m sure my feet look perfect to someone. My husband never looked or admired my feet though, he isn’t attracted to such kind of things. I’m sure it would be fun if he thought I have the cutest feet ever.

Having sexy feet maybe has something to do with wearing high heels. Many men love women in high heels. If you have shoes with open toes, it can be very attractive too.

Women love shoes and men love watching women in beautiful shoes too. There are many styles that would be great for each woman. If you are very tall, it would be harder to find shoes over size 12, so check out online websites that selling shoes and women’s clothes.

Shopping for shoes

I have to admit that it would be a lot easier to shop for shoes if I had smaller feet. Many stores don’t carry womens’ shoe size 11 at all. I have less choice of shoes to buy but it’s o’kay. I was always able to find nice shoes to wear, no matter how hard my search can be sometimes.

Also, I can’t find shoes on sale very often either. Tall women don’t have that much choice when we are shopping. If I was taller, finding shoes would be even harder, so I need to appreciate the fact that I can find shoes for my feet at all.

Do big feet smell more?

I don’t think any feet smell more than others. I never tried to smell mine, as long as you wash your feet regularly you will be alright.

Also, I have long fingers and toes, long legs, long arms, etc. So, yes, tall women should have bigger feet too. Everything about me is very long and my feet are too.

My feet and legs are so long that they are hanging out off my bed sometimes. Maybe some day I will get a very long bed, but for right now, my long feet don’t

How to be confident as a tall girl

First of all, you have to realize that some people look more confident than others naturally. If confidence wasn’t your gift from nature, then you can work on it.

Also, you need to know that feeling confident and being perceived confident are two different qualities.

For example, I always felt confident about myself no matter what but people didn’t always perceived me as confident. It was a surprise to me when I finally realized it.

So, what do you want? Do you want to feel confident or do you want to be perceived confident or both? Most of us, we want it all.

Your looks

If you are a very thin woman, if you have a soft voice and look very young, it could be harder for you to be perceived as confident ordominant woman. Not all of us have dominant physical characteristics. I remember one interesting observation…I was watching a man talking to a teenage boy…and a boy felt uncomfortable and told him “Don’t yell at me! You are yelling at me!” where as a man was surprised and said he was talking in his normal voice.

So, this man realized he scared a boy, so he started whispering to him to communicate with him. Isn’t it interesting how some people appear confident and more dominant without even trying? If I could describe that man, he was very tall and had very loud and deep voice.

So, if you are a cute skinny young girl it could be a challenge for you in some way. I’m going to give you a few tips to make you look more confident.

More tips to look confident:

  • Wear make up and high heels. Women who wear a make up appear more confident to people than women without make up.
  • Dress best as you can, first impression matters and your looks and your dress are important too.
  • Wear high heels if you like, women in high heels appear more confident too. Even if you are very tall, high heels will make you look confident too.
  • Observe how you speak and how you move. Ask others for advice how you should talk or move in order to project confidence.
  • Associate and be around confident people. People will perceive you more confident too if you associate with confident people.
  • Experiment what works for you. What works for you, doesn’t always work for everybody else. Try to find out your personal strategy.Feeling ConfidentFeeling confident is a lot easier to feel confident than to be perceived confident. If you want to feel confident, all you have to do is to have positive self talk. Tell yourself you are the best looking woman and the most interesting person in the room. It will help you to project some confidence too. Feeling confident will make you feel better in the long run.If you can, try both, feel confident and look confident.

    Ask yourself why you want to look confident. Maybe people love you the way you are and they wouldn’t want you to change?

    Don’t over do it though. You have a chance to be perceived too confident and people would avoid you too. Not everyone one loves overly confident people. Maybe people love you the way you are and you they don’t want to see powerful woman in you yet. Being confident is a good thing, but if you are trying too hard, you could send a wrong message about who you are.

    We all choose at some point who we are and personal truth that we hold about ourselves. Believe the best about yourself and you will get in a right direction.

    Speak positively to yourself when you look in the mirror, when you are around people. Confident and not so confident person have different point of view in the same situation. Decide you want to be confident and brave woman. Don’t listen to those who are trying to convince you otherwise. Hold your personal belief unshakable and stable. Everything starts from just a belief.

    You can tell yourself that your height is great and it is part of who you are. If you can’t change it, embrace it. People can be attractive if they are tall or short, confident or less confident, it can all be attractive to someone.

    I want to help you to accept yourself and love yourself. You need to have a great relationship with yourself first. Being tall isn’t easy, as being short isn’t easy or if you have other issues that you have to deal with.

    How to get peace of mind about your height

    None of us can’t be liked by everybody. Even biggest celebrities aren’t liked or accepted by everyone. If you have less confidence because of that, remember nobody is perfect. Even the most beautiful men or women aren’t completely satisfied with their looks. So, if you don’t feel confident sometimes it’s o’kay too.

    I met some very confident people in my life, and I was so surprised when they shared their insecurities and their worries. I would never guess they don’t feel confident, because they looked confident and almost perfect.

    For example, many very beautiful girls are affraid to leave the house without make up because they think they look bad. I was very surprised when I heard this, because I thought those women were completely flawless and completely perfect.

    So, next time when you think you aren’t confident enough, remember that some people would think that you are great. Some people would even wish they would look like you or had some great qualities about you.

    How to look confident if you are treated badly

    Most of us have some idea how we want to be treated. If you are a tall girl and you think you don’t look confident enough because of your height, think about what made you to believe that. Maybe someone told you that you don’t look confident?

    For example, when a girl slouches, everybody thinks she does it because she is trying to hide her height…but when a short girl slouches nobody noticed or even cares about it.

    Another example, when a tall girl doesn’t wear high heels, some people think it’s because tall girl is not confident about her height, but if a short girl doesn’t wear high heels nobody really cares why she doesn’t wear them.

    When you are very tall, people could have such prejudices and could judge you unfairly. Is it fair? No it isn’t. Being tall is like being celebrity, you will get noticed more often, but it can be negative attention or judgment too.

    We don’t choose to be tall, we are born this way. Have a positive view on life. You will encounter sometimes negative judgmental people, but believe people are nice and even they say something “strange” sometimes, it’s because they don’t know any better. Beleive people are nice and they are good to you. Even if they said something that can make you upset or irritated, maybe they didn’t know it would upset you.

    For example, many tall women get tired of tall comments they always get, but maybe people who say them didn’t mean to upset you but were just impressed by your looks. Try to find positive in every situation and it will help you to be more confident.

    Tall girl or a young woman could be very confused about her own body image when she receives so much attention and comments. Be happy that you are different. Learn to love yourself first no matter what someone says. People judge others because of personal insecurities, so even if you were your “perfect self” someone would still try find faults if they want in anything. Brush off bad comments and remember the good ones. Focus on being grateful and happy about your looks and who you are.