Is pregnancy different for tall women ?

Is pregnancy different for tall women? In my opinion, the biggest difference about pregnancy for a tall woman is the way she looks, everything else is unique for each individual. Every woman will have different and unique experience with her pregnancy.

Tall woman’s belly would look slightly smaller than on a shorter woman. Just because tall women have bigger torso, it’s easier to hide baby in there.


As far as feelings and being uncomfortable, every woman is different and she will have her own thoughts about what she feels. Since most pregnant women gain a lot of weight, it is harder on a woman’s body.

I had much harder time walking and doing simple things being 35 lb heavier than usual. It was the only time in my life where I had to follow my husband and complain that he walks way too fast.

Being pregnant is uncomfortable for the most part. During pregnancy it was also the only time when I felt hot all the time. I had to turn on air conditioner quite often, especially at night, because I felt constantly hot.

Being pregnant is scary for any woman, and especially approaching a child birth. To my surprise I had dilation faster and less painful than most women. I was dilated up to 6 cm before my water broke and started contractions. Most women experience pain even at 2 cm. So, I don’t know if it’s because I’m tall or because I’m just unique and different as any other woman.

A baby was born with weight 8.8 lb which is quite big, considering that everyone was telling me that I will have small baby because my belly looks so small. I guess I had more space to hide in me.

I look tall. I gained 35 lb with my pregnancy and because of it I had bigger cheeks on my face, bigger thighs as well and larger feet. My feet were swollen, but likely it was summer, so I didn’t really have to buy any new shoes.

Most people thought I looked skinny being pregnant, but when I looked in the mirror I have never seen myself being so big. So, to others I looked really skinny but I could definitely notice a difference in my look for sure.

Being pregnant isn’t something I would ever want to experience ever again. It makes you feel uncomfortable and unattractive, but some women I heard enjoy it. I didn’t find any joy in the way I looked or felt during pregnancy, it was too many changes and stressful, but it was worth the effort. It was a sacrifice on my part but well worth it.

When you are pregnant it seems like it takes too long and almost seems like it’s forever, but soon enough and this will pass as well. So, don’t worry too much, live your life as comfortably as you can and soon enough it will be all over.