Why short men are attracted to tall women ?

Short men do get attracted to tall women. Did you hear saying “Opposites attract” it is true. Just because short men and a tall woman look a lot different they still can have an attraction toward each other. I’m a tall woman and I was attracted to short men before.

As far as attraction it is no different if I was attracted to a tall man. Many men are taught by our society that they have to be taller but in reality who really cares? It’s o’kay to be attracted to a taller woman if you are both happy.

Sometimes we decide what we prefer in our perfect mate as far as height and looks. Many of our characteristics come from our own subconscious and conscious needs. If you can meet most of them in your tall woman that is great.


Tall women and sexuality

Tall women are sexy. People are attracted to tall women because they look beautiful, sexy and elegant. Many get attracted to tall women because they look so unusual and exotic.

It is so rare to meet a tall woman and if you do spend time with her you would feel as a lucky guy with a very interesting experience.

Other men are looking for a dominant looks or personality in a woman they believe tall woman will meet their needs.

Sometimes men had certain experiences happened in their youth and they feel always attracted to tall women since then. And other men get attracted to tall women because they like her personality and she is a great match to him in every way.

My personal experience

My husband isn’t taller than me, so maybe you wonder how we got attracted to each other? First of all, he never dated any tall women before me. It wasn’t that he was looking for a very tall woman or a model.

It just happened that I liked him and I was nice to him, so he fall in love with my looks and personality. He loves me to be so tall and thin and beautiful. Not everyone thinks I am a beautiful person but it’s important to me that he does.

If I was taller or shorter he would still love me as much. He loves me being me. I liked him a lot too that’s why I was very happy to marry him. I’m still very happy to be married.

He is smart and understanding and can meet most of my needs. Very often I look taller than he is especially if I wear heels. He never gets intimidated by my height, because he is a very secure person. He loves me being so tall and beautiful.


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