What kind of women do men like ?

Different types of women

It depends on a man. People who are coming to my website usually like and look for very tall women. Many men like thin women, other men love big, fat, or overweight or obese women. Some men love very tiny short women and other men love older women. As you can see there is a variety of women and men who love different types of women.

Beauty is in every woman. Every woman is desirable by someone no matter of her size, shape or hair color.

Why we like what we like


Each of us had different experiences in our lives. This is what makes us so unique. Even the happiest couples and happiest soul mates have something different about them and it is fine. If you had positive experiences with certain type of women who look big or tall then you will always be attracted to them or look for them.

Being judgmental

We do judge people even if we don’t realize we are doing it. We don’t always do it on purpose or to get something out of it. We do it because we have previous experiences and we are avoiding getting hurt and we want to find what we like. Everyone wants to be happy, so by unconscious judging we are looking for what will make us happy. We get attracted to certain people if we had positive experiences with someone similar to them.

Personality men love

Most men love soft, feminine women. Of course there are some men who love dominant and powerful women, but in my experience most men prefer a softer woman.

Woman’s personality and positive attitude is more important than anything else.

I only realized how much personality is important by comparing to my short friends.

I was always very tall, so one day, when I was younger, I was talking to my friend, telling her that she probably will have more dates and maybe will get married earlier because there are probably aren’t too many tall men for me to choose from.

After that we have grown and started dating, It turned out I was getting a lot more dates and got married earlier because of my personality.

Another important factor is positivity. I was always noticing positive sides in a man if I liked him and my girl friend was a lot more judgmental no matter who she would meet. If we want to be happy we need to love men. If we love them, they will feel it and love us back too.


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