Tall Amazon Women

They are, tall, strong, sometimes can be muscular. Many men love this type of women.

Some men dream about a woman who can protect him, especially if a man short and weak.

People want to look up to amazons and admire their power and beauty.


Amazons were strong warriors who fought in wars and Greeks have many myths about them. Women ruled everything and were even superior to men.

Some countries still have women who make all decisions in families.

Just because a woman is feminine sometimes she can be a boss in the family too. It depends on each family.

Powerful Amazons

Amazons are beautiful and powerful but men are weak and have to be told what to do. To this day people love and admire strong women. Many bodybuilders look like strong powerful women and they love to be women. If a woman has a strong body it she will find many admirers and followers.

I’m not as muscular as some women are, I’m more “skinny” but because of my tall height I had moments in my life when I felt more powerful or that I can do anything. Some women are more or less “Amazon type” but it would be great if each of us remembered those strong amazon women and knew we have that strength in each of us! I’m sure you met strong women before, I am sure you can remember at least a few examples where you standing next to a very strong woman.

Fantasy or Reality?

Very often it’s just a fantasy to many people.

In our modern world women choose the role they want to have in this life. Many women are worriers because they have to work, raise children and take care of everyone.

Just because a woman doesn’t look like an ancient worrier amazon, she is still a worrier in her heart and her life.

People tend to think that girls have it easier, but in reality we all have challenges…men and women!

We, as women have an amazon power even if we look feminine and sometimes not threatening and many men already know it. Amazon women are wonderful in looks or in heart.

Some strong amazon women prefer a weaker man by herself but other amazon women would love even stronger man than she is. It depends on a particular amazon woman. Just because she is strong, muscular and powerful doesn’t guarantee you would know what she wants.

There are possibilities she would be attracted to only weaker men or only stronger men or both, just depends on a woman. Here are some interesting links for you if you are interested in amazons:


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