I’m tall and awkward

Many people describe tall women as elegant and beautiful…but in reality we feel more tall and awkward than elegant and beautiful. Being very tall is very confusing. Did you hear expression “I’m so tall that I feel like a boy?” many teenagers feel this way growing up. Most of my life I was very tall and very thin. Most of the girls in my school were very well developed and looked “round-ish” and totally different than what I was. I don’t know why I am the way I am, maybe to help others who look different.

Being tall and lanky was a big part of my life. I’m still tall and I’m very thin.

I gained quit a bit of weight since when I was a teenager, but I still look thin and considered underweight for my extreme height. I just look tall and thin. Being tall and thin does make you feel awkward, especially when you are around short people.

I’m so tall that I feel like a boy

How many of you felt like a boy when you were growing up? Isn’t it a reason why girls wear make up, dress up sexy is to distinguish yourself from the opposite sex?

Sometimes I still have moments that I feel like a man. I had at least a couple times in my life when people thought I’m a man when they couldn’t see my face.

When you are a woman, you don’t really want to be referred as “sir” or something like that.

When you are my height, you are taller than most men and women. When you never see a woman taller than you, you could easily start associating with men and feel more as one of them. As I got older I got more realistic about the way I look and feel more feminine, but there are moments in my life when I feel big and more like a man than a lady.

People could say “wow, look at you, how come you can feel like that?” I don’t know. I guess it’s my confusing feelings about being so extremely tall.

I know most women have body image issues. Most women I met had problems with weight and staying thin. When you are a tall woman, you can weigh more because of your height.

I could gain 10-20 pounds easily and no one will even notice it. Even if I would gain 20 pounds I would still look thin to most people.

So, being tall does give you some advantages. If you feel tall and awkward thinks about positive sides of your height and learn to appreciate what you have.

If you are very short, then appreciate your short height too. I think I would love to be short because I would love to be around tall people all the time. So, every height has advantages. If you are very tall or short or any height, find something you like about your height or shape and enjoy your life, because “you” is the biggest part of your life.


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